Welcome to Union County Games

Welcome To Union County Games

Hello and welcome to Union County Games, the UK’s newest Magic the Gathering singles and content site.

I’m writing this today to give you a little information on the things to come from us. I am very excited to offer players free daily articles from players of every aspect of MTG, from George Newbould and William Hall (past Pro Tour competitors and UK Road Warriors) to Joe Gillard (Level 2 UK Judge) to Barry Horwood (Commander specialist). I'm sure that we have something here for everyone.

If you are just here to buy or sell from us, you’d be happy to know our prices come from a TCG-Mid average (converted into UK Sterling). Our aim is to bring you cheaper prices than our competitors, while remaining in a competitive position with our buylist.

As for tournaments, we are keeping strong local relations with Tournament Organisers around the UK, but we wouldn’t be here without the help of the Taunton events of old and, as of a couple of months ago, Firestorm Games of Cardiff; whom we continue to build a strong relationship with. We hope to see you at future events, with particular emphasis on events at Taunton, as the folks there are planning some big things for you in the future.

We love hearing from our customers, so please feel free to contact us with article suggestions, or even things you would like to see on the site. We also would like to encourage you all to give our writers feedback and join in the article discussions regardless of whether you’ve got good or bad opinions on what you’ve read. Though, please try to maintain civil in your comments.

We will run promotions every couple of months with giveaways that will be based on hitting the target number of likes on our Facebook page, so please share this page generously for the chance to win some cool prizes.

A Personal Touch

Ok, enough with the professional stuff. I used to be a fairly competitive player, travelling around the world to play Grand Prixs and the occasional Pro Tour and I started noticing the fairly massive price differences between USA and the rest of the world.

I have always needed cards and wasn’t a big fan of paying inflated european prices. I have always wondered why hasn't anyone been basing their prices off the US market, but I presumed it was because of overheads. Then, I started to see people selling their cards on Facebook at half SCG into Pounds so it got me wondering how a store would perform if they just ran their prices off a true market price, like TCG Mid. So that’s why I started Union County Games, to give players like me the chance to buy cards at a non-inflated price from a source they can definitely trust.

I’ve unfortunately heard and been a part of a few horror stories myself from online trading groups and providing players with a trustworthy base to buy and sell from is a little personal perk of the job.

Being able to offer articles from UK grinders will also be pretty cool, I personally believe that I'll be enjoying reading their material as much as you will. I am still a Magic player, after all.

Anyways, I thought I would give you guys the chance to see what we will be up to in the next few months, what’s available for you and to welcome you to our site. I look forward to working with you all.

Lewis McLeod

Union County Games


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